GDPR & Data Compliance

Data Compliance is now a top priority for companies.  Our data compliance consultancy will help you stay one step ahead.

GDPR came into affect in the UK on the 25th May 2018. Your business must comply - it's now the law. You probably won't be slapped with the new €10m fine but we can guide you in the right direction to comply.

  • Consultancy from trained software engineers
  • Training for employers and employees
  • Advice on setting up the relevant documents
  • Access to our online GDPR dashboard

Data Audits

Data Audits are used to map out where personal data is processed and stored.

We provide data auditing services so you don't have to worry.

We will make recommendations for better data protection controls and inform you of any issues that need to be amended to be fully compliant.

Remember: you need to perform data audits for the purposes of GDPR Compliance

We are not a legal body and do not provide legal advice.  Any legal advice should be given only by a reputable solicitor.  This can be included in the consultancy services we provide if requested.